Bem-vindo ao Thai Way Spa, embarque nesta viagem à Tailândia!

O nosso espaço

Our main purpose is to preserve the authenticity of the origin of Thai massage, delighting you to Thailand without having to leave Portugal!

Through the 5 senses you will feel in the land of smiles:

Vision: From uniforms to decoration and statues from Thailand, which remind us of typical clothes and the great thai temples.

Smell: The incense and natural oil burners release smooth and typical aromas of Thailand. The favorite and which already marks the identity of the Thai Way is Ylang-Ylang.

Hearing: Soft, relaxing, Zen and typical thai music that transports you to the traditional meditation temples.

Touch: Through the massages, the touch of the therapists, it is possible to experience firsthand the emblematic thai massage.

Palate: At the end of the massage, a typical thai tea is served, our most requested options are the Roselle Fruit or Moringa, for the hottest days a cool glass of flavored water!




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